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Launched in 2010 as a family-owned and operated endeavor, Kick Ash Lax offers hand-made mini sticks, cut from the highest quality ash, making these the strongest mini stick shafts available. Each  shaft is hand-cut, sanded and finished, making each one unique. We offer a number of finishes and colors allowing you to customize your ministick, including red mahagony, ebony, blue, red, green and natural. Kick Ash Lax is also the first and only company to offer white ash defensive Mini shafts. There are 10 standard design options that are available to ship within 48 hours. The Original Custom Mini stick can also be customized to your specs, you choose the colors and where they go ensuring that it is one of a kind, shipping time varies depending on volume. We also make a number of different pockets available at tournaments and events, some of which you can see up above and in the slideshow below. 

Kick Ash Lax also offers full size Men's attack, defense and Goalie shafts that are legal for game play(check your local league rules).


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